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A cultural haven with a flavour to satisfy every type of traveller. Thailand offers incredible diversity in every aspect of a stay.
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Located in southern Asia it is known for great eats, martial arts, beaches, and friendly inahbitants.

The attractions of Thailand are myriad – ruined cities, ancient monasteries, Buddhist monks, colourful hill tribes, floating markets, dense rainforests, exotic wildlife, tropical islands, golden beaches and pristine coral reefs. Then there’s Bangkok, the most exuberant capital city in Southeast Asia, which would justify a trip to Thailand all by itself.

The Thai people are famously hospitable, and Thailand was one of the first corners of Southeast Asia to really open up to tourists.

This travel smorgasbord has attracted everyone from backpackers to billionaires. Visitors can find any level of comfort they desire, from hippy hostels to five-star palaces. If anything, Thailand has become more upmarket as a destination since its backpacker heyday, with air-conditioning everywhere and almost every hotel offering Thai massages and spa treatments.

As well as relaxation – and what could be more relaxing than a massage on the beach? – Thailand is a place for adventure. The beaches and islands of the south call out to scuba divers, rock-climbers and watersports enthusiasts, while the dense jungles of the north are a natural playground for trekkers and wildlife spotters.

The cuisine is one of the world’s finest, and certainly one of the spiciest. From fine restaurants to street stalls and night markets, Thailand always seems to have a fork in its hand.

Above all else though, Thailand is a place to feel at ease – stroll along the sand, snorkel over a coral reef, and let the stresses of modern life slowly slip away.

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